Owning High End Designer Handbags: A Privilege

Published: 27th January 2011
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In social gatherings, people do not ask where you have bought your dress. Rather, they ask, "Who are you wearing?" Logically, they expect to hear the name of a designer label. Truly, designer label is an essential clothing element in the fashion industry.

Designer handbags are one of the must-haves in a socialite’s closet. Designer labels determine wealth and popularity of an individual. You see celebrities sporting their arm candies while walking along the streets. Likewise, elites bring their favorite designer handbags during soirees and social gatherings. This is the reason why many people love to buy designer handbags. They want to belong to the elite and celebrity circle. A piece of a limited edition designer label is a privilege.

Nowadays, several manufacturers produce counterfeit designer products. They imitate the design and style of authentic designer handbags, clothing, jeans, and accessories. They use cheap and ordinary materials to replicate designer labels. Oftentimes, a counterfeit product is undistinguishable from an authentic one. Some manufacturers have succeeded in producing replicas of thousand-dollar clothes and accessories.

Nevertheless, counterfeit products can never be at par with original ones. Imitators use low-quality materials in assembling bags and purses. Unlike manufacturers of high end designer handbags, they use substandard covers, buckles, zippers, and yarns. Metals tarnish more quickly inasmuch as zippers loosen up after four or five-time use. Yarn colors vary in shades and tone. Likewise, stitches and linings are inconsistently woven.

Designer insignia or logo on counterfeit items may look authentic. Designer logos have distinct features. These features help in distinguishing authentic items from counterfeit products. Labels of high end designer handbags are deeply woven on the surface. They are also imprinted on a bag’s interior clothing. They are embedded on zipper handles and purse buckles. Fake designer handbags have poorly fastened labels and defective logo outline.

Original fashion designer handbags are sold in authorized retail outlets. Fashion designers have certified distributors in upscale shopping malls and high-class boutiques. Distributors sell items based on a manufacturer’s suggested retail price. This makes authentic designer handbags expensive. Owning a designer label is a privilege. However, you must ensure that your purses are original. You do not want to be shut off a classy soiree because of brandishing a counterfeit label.

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