Why Are Authentic Designer Handbags Expensive?

Published: 27th January 2011
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Walk along the streets of Manhattan and you will discover that most women have candies on their arms. In the world of fashion, "candies on the arms" refer to designer bags. Authentic designer bags are expensive purses. They are made up of authentic leather materials, animal skins, and carat-weight jewelries. Designer handbags are also known as luxury bags.

Recently, fashion experts have listed down the 22 most extravagant designer handbags in the world. These include creations of well-known designers from France, Japan, and the United States. Prices of these extravagant bags range from $4900 to £1 million. Aside from their high cost, they are produced in limited quantity. Manufacturers limit duplication of authentic designer bags. Limited duplication denotes exclusivity and rarity of luxury bags in the world.

For lower-class and middle-class individuals, these bags are luxury items. However, for socialites and elites, these are definitely must-haves. They use designer labels when going to social gatherings and parties. In addition, designer bags elevate social status. They are indicators of wealth, fame, and power. Celebrities dole out millions of dollars in bidding for a one-of-a-kind designer bag. Its rarity is a medal of recognition. Do you ever wonder why designer bags are worth a million?

authentic designer handbags are patented.

A "patent" indicates ownership of an idea. Designers patent their styles and designs. This denotes exclusivity and distinctiveness of bag designs for specific brands and labels. Therefore, imitators can be punished by law. Obtaining a patent costs a lot. This contributes to the high cost of designer labels. Designers acquire the pride of originality in launching uniquely-designed bags.

authentic designer handbags are made up of genuine materials.

Most designer bags are made up of animal skin as their leather base. The most commonly used animal skins are alligator skin and snake skin. Some designers use furs and feathers as a bag covering. The exoticness of materials pulls up the market value of designer bags. It attests to the rarity of bags on the market. This makes authentic designer labels difficult to match.

authentic designer purses are durable.

Lines and fasteners of designer bags are carefully woven for durability. Designers only use genuine metal buckles and symmetrical zippers in assembling bag and purse products. These make designer bags long-lasting and heavy-duty.

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